The Best Sites to Play Slots Online for Indian Players in 2022

The Best Sites to Play Slots Online for Indian Players in 2022

Online slots have become the epitome of the casino world over the years. They are fun and engaging for all kinds of players, from newbies to experts. Like other casino games, slots are also chance-based, and the results are randomly generated. Previously, slots were played on fancy mechanical machines, but now the same is played online through websites and mobile apps. There are hundreds of online slots available with varying themes and gameplay features. Usually, slots are made up of 3 to 5 reels with theme-based displays. After initiating a spin, a specific combination of symbols has to be landed to win a game. The winnings depend on the initial bet and the odds offered by the casino house. The best online slots offer both incredible playing experience and high pay-outs.

The Best Online Slots Sites for Indian Players

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  • 20% Daily Deposit Bonus
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200% welcome bonus upto 10,000
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  • 200% First deposit bonus
  • Claim a welcome bonus and regular free spins offers
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • 15% Referral Bonus

Payout Speed 1-3 days

100% welcome bonus upto 1,00,000
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  • Fantastic selection of 3,000+ casino games
  • Varied banking options with INR accepted
  • Attentive and responsive customer service
  • Payout percent 97.59%

Payout Speed 2 days

300% welcome bonus upto 3,000
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  • 300% First Time Deposit Bonus, up to ₹3,000
  • Live Customer Support Chat
  • Super fast and helpful customer service
  • Profitable promotions every day

Payout Speed 1-3 days

Get 2000 on 2000on any Casino Game
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  • Large selection of games
  • 30+ sporting events
  • 2000+ casino games
  • Live Chat: 24/7

Payout Speed 1.3 days

Choosing the right website to play online slots is crucial for having the best playing experience and safety. There are hundreds of websites available in India, and every day few more are getting launched. As we are spoilt for choices, players must weigh all the factors such as legality, offers, graphics quality, payment, pay-out frequency, etc., to make an informed choice. A top-notch online slot website must not compromise on any aspects that can affect the players in the long run and must adhere to fair play rules and regulations. Here are the top 6 best online slots sites for Indian players.

How we found the best slots sites for players in India

The best online slots listed above were chosen by rating them in 6 key areas, 

Fair Play: Each online slots website is independently tested to ensure the results are random and fall under fair play rules.

Safety: The casino websites listed above are legal, safe, and licensed, and hence Indian players can play without any hassles. 

Range of games: There are hundreds of best online slots available on the above list of casino websites. 

Pay-out Percentage: The slots in the above list offer the highest payout percentage when compared to other casino websites available in India. 

Mobile: The above websites also offer mobile apps in both android and iOS versions. 

Customer Service: The above list of casino websites offers 24x 7 customer service with quick response time. 

Opportunity for Indian Players

Online gaming has gained a lot of popularity in India, with over 365 million Indians playing various slot games online. A lot of global online casinos and game providers have stretched their market to India and are designing games to cater to Indian players. The laws of India have allowed players to wager and win prizes while playing online slots without any hassles. Popular websites are offering welcome bonuses and other lucrative features to promote online gaming in India. The opportunities are plenty for Indian players as they can place bets according to their capacity, win prizes, and have fun playing slot games simultaneously. 

 Mobile Slots in India

Although casinos can be played on a laptop or browser, mobile slots in India are the preferred choice due to their many advantages. They include convenience, simplified registration, better gaming experience, easy UPI payments, more bonuses, etc. Most online casino websites also offer mobile apps for both android and iOS applications which allow players to access online slots anytime from anywhere. Mobile apps like Pari Match, Casino Days, Leo Vegas, Betway, etc., offer a great welcome bonus, referral bonus, and hundreds of online slot games for installing their apps on your smartphone. The mobile slots in India are here to stay and will get better as the technology is upgrading and reaching new heights each year.     

How Online Slots game in India has changed

The rise of online slots games in India has become more evident during the Covid-19 pandemic. As we had to maintain social distance and spend most of our time at home, online slots have come to the rescue, giving us the much-needed entertainment and also a chance of winning big prizes along with it. Many slot games and their themes have been specifically designed for the Indian audience’s taste proving that online slots and other casino games have garnered a lot of following in India. Also, the welcome bonuses, pay-out amount, graphics, and all other features offered for Indian players have significantly improved in the past few years.  

Online Slots FAQs

Are online slots random? 

Yes, online slots are random, and the symbols and combinations are generated through RNG (random number generator). The RNG is a program that churns out random numbers within the given range. Each of these random numbers is related to a symbol based on the game theme. If enough of these symbols appear in a specific combination, you win the bet, and a subsequent pay-out will be credited to your account. Every slot game offered in the online casino is governed by fair play and other regulatory guidelines laid out by the law giving a fair chance for players to win their wager.

Is there any secret to winning jackpots in online slots? 

The only secret to winning jackpots in online slots is to place the maximum bet value possible. There is no online slot machine created that offers maximum winnings with a minimum bet. Most games are designed with pay lines that allow you to win jackpots only when the maximum bet available is wagered. When you place maximum bets, most of the pay lines will be activated, giving you a chance of landing symbols in the required combination. All the games offered in the best online slots are purely chance-based, and hence there is no strategy or other way to beat the casino and take away the prize amount.    

Are online slots played in India legal? 

Online slots are legal in India as long as you play in a licensed casino website or mobile app. The best online slots played in India are governed by Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. As a player, you should read all the terms and conditions posted by the gaming website. The license and fair play details will be displayed, and you will be only allowed to play when you accept the terms and conditions. Read customer reviews and comments given for the casino websites and only start playing after confirming that the website is licensed and credits the winning pay-outs in time.

What is RTP? 

The Return to Player (RTP) is a theoretical percentage of the betting amount wagered by the players on slots that will go back as winnings in the long run. Ex: if an online slot website has 96% RTP and if you wager Rs. 100 for a lifetime, then the players will receive Rs. 96, and Rs. 4 will be taken as the house edge. The house edge is the profit from the online slot website for hosting the game and providing the platform for the player to place a bet. The higher the RTP, the chances of making more profit will increase for the players.