Overview of Cricket Betting

The most widespread sport in India is cricket; it is no surprise then that Indians love cricket betting. Moreover, people love to gamble with their friends and family during the festive seasons, such as Holi or Diwali. So naturally, one of the games they bet on is cricket. Recent reports show that the online betting market in India is in billions of USD. And it may rise further as the government starts passing more laws favoring gambling. It is not difficult to get into betting. You can gamble online; you only have to find a sports betting site, create an account, add funds, and start betting.

The Best Online Cricket Betting Sites

Below you can see the best online cricket betting sites:

Betway: It is the most reputed betting site. The site offers sports betting and casino betting, including live casino betting. It has an eye-catching and user-friendly design.

1xBet: This betting site dedicates itself to cricket betting. It has an extensive collection of betting markets and covers all the major cricketing events. The site started in 2007 and has a vast European presence. It has over 400,000 players.


Neo.Bet: A website registered with Malta Gaming Authority; Neo.Bet is a recent but reputable gambling site. It is a safe and secure website that only uses PCI-DSS-compliant (a security standard) methods.


How to Bet on Cricket Online?

Betting on cricket online is very straightforward. But first, you need to select a safe betting site with a great design, a variety of sportsbooks, great promo offers, and reliable customer support. Then you need to register on the site by filling in personal details and verifying your identity. Finally, you can add funds and start betting on Cricket.

Some of the types of Cricket Betting are:

  • Moneyline Betting: betting on who wins
  • Over/Under: Betting on if runs made by a team will be above or below a certain number.
  • Accumulator: making a series of bets, all of which you should win to win the bet.


Opportunity for Indian Players

Many websites offer betting opportunities for Indians. These companies operate from outside India. They have gaming licenses from foreign gaming authorities. Online gambling is in a grey area right now; until the Indian Government bans online gambling, Indians can take advantage of the opportunity to have some fun or make some money.


How do we compare sportsbooks?

It is necessary to look for the following factors while comparing sportsbooks:

  1. Major Events Covered: A great cricket sportsbook will cover all the major cricketing events. These include:
  • ICC World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • T20 World Cup
  • Asia Cup
  • Indian Premier League

Licenses: The other thing to consider is security. Gambling on a Licensed sportsbook is always safe. Look for the licensing authority of the website at the bottom of the homepage of the gambling site. If it has no information about its license, you should not play on the website. Additionally, the website must use at least 128-bit SSL encryption to keep your information private.


How has Online Cricket betting in India changed?

Even though betting and cricket were both prevalent in India, online cricket betting has only recently become popular. This lack of popularity that existed previously was because the internet has only recently started being cheap and accessible to every Indian citizen.

Moreover, there were not many gambling sites that served in India. People used to bet on cricket in the local betting houses that people ran legally. Online gambling is neither legal nor illegal for now; people are taking advantage of this fact. However, with the current rise in online gambling, the government is expected to make more favorable laws soon. This will further increase the growth rate of the gambling market.


What are the Cricket betting types?

There are many types of bets you can place on cricket:

  • You can bet on the outcome of a single match. (Moneyline)
  • You can bet that a team’s runs will be above or below a specific score. (over/under)
  • You can bet on the top batsman.
  • You can bet on the top bowler.
  • You can gamble on the team you think will win the coin toss.
  • You can bet how many runouts there will be in a match.
  • You can bet on the overall winner of the series.
  • For a higher payout, you can bet that you will win several bets consecutively (accumulator bets).


What is the most popular Cricket bet type?

The most famous cricket bet type is money line betting. It is popular because it is very straightforward. You only have to bet which team will win in a single match. You can already gain some idea by looking at the Moneyline odds. You can put your money on the favorite or the underdog in Moneyline betting. Betting on the favorite has higher chances of winning; however, you will get fewer payouts.

On the contrary, you can win more if you bet on the underdog. But, it is significantly less likely that the underdog will win. Therefore, only experienced players bet on underdogs, who are observant and can understand the subtle factors that point to an underdog victory.


What is the most complicated bet type in Cricket?

The complicated bets are usually those that include multiple wagers or unique details. For example, an accumulator bet can become complex if you bet on a series of point spreads. To win, you must be right every time. The point spread bets on the favorite in themselves and this can be pretty tricky. One must predict the winner and how many more points the favorite will win.

Therefore, winning an accumulator bet comprising a series of point spreads is very complicated. To make such a bet, you need to pay attention to the tiniest details. Not to mention, you must have a significant amount of luck.


How to be safe while betting online?

To be safe while betting online, follow the points below:

  • Ensure that you can trust the site. It must have a valid license from a reputed gaming authority.


  • Always use payment methods such as Skrill or Netteller. These dedicated payment sites have higher security; additionally, your bank account does not have a direct connection to the gambling site.


  • Before gambling on significant sums, test the site by adding small funds. After ensuring that the site is reliable in payments, you can start betting as you would normally.


  • Always make sure that the website uses an SSL connection. You can verify it by checking if the site has a lock sign on the website.


Online cricket betting is the perfect way to convert your passion for cricket into a revenue generator. The above tips and tricks will help you play a long inning in online cricket betting and reap all the rewards.