Northern Ireland Is Offering an Amazing £12.9m ‘Must Be Won’ Lottery

The Northern Ireland Lottery is one of the highest paying emerging lotteries in the world right now. It has slowly been making a name for itself as the lottery where millionaires are born, with several high-profile winners taking home winnings in excess of a million pounds over the past few years.

The Prize Money

There have been many recent changes to the NI lotto. Now, all it takes for you to become a millionaire is to have five of the six balls picked, plus the bonus ball. Players who pick up all the correct five numbers stand to win £1 million (INR 9,22,42,229.62). If any lotto player takes it one step further and matches all six of the winning numbers, then he or she stands a chance to win the £12.9 million (INR 1,18,99,24,762.10) jackpots.

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The rule of ‘Must Be Won’ ensures that in case the final jackpot is not claimed by anyone, then it will be shared among all the players. This makes the game much more interesting, with more cash to be won by everyone.

The rules and regulations are simple. You can get your lotto slip from your nearest retailer. After that, you should either select six numbers from 1 to 59 as marked on the slip or let your retailer pick the numbers for you. During the draw, members of the Northern Ireland lottery committee will pick out the six winning numbers from 59 balls that are put in one jar. Bonus numbers are also available at an extra price.

The draw takes place on Wednesday, providing some mid-week excitement for those involved.

The Past Winners

The Northern Ireland Lottery has so far awarded over £69 billion (INR 63,67,68,59,49,780) in prizes and created more than 5,100 millionaires or multi-millionaires since its launch in 1994. It’s licensed operator is Camelot UK Lotteries limited and the organization is committed to raising money for National Lottery Good Causes as designated by the British Parliament.

Earlier it was only citizens of Northern Ireland and people from nearby regions who could participate in the grand lottery. The number of retailers was limited, and they were concentrated in and around Northern Ireland, so it was challenging to get a hold of a Northern Ireland lottery slip.

But now, anyone from across the globe stands a chance to become a millionaire at the Northern Ireland lotto thanks to the rise of online lottery platforms. They replicate the lotteries, enabling people from around the world to join in on the excitement of the most famous high stakes lotteries around the world.

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