Lottery Jackpot Winner Used Emoji Wink Mask, Not For Laughter Though

Lottery winners have a life-changing experience when they win a huge jackpot. Many times, the winners can be overwhelmed with all the attention from the media and friends and family. Many people across the world try their luck every day in lotteries. Many of them are from middle-class families and usually follow a routine for jobs and personal work. For such people, winning a huge amount can bring in undue attention from not only known but also some unknown strangers. Many lotteries want to announce their winners and make their identity public in order to publicize their lotteries to the maximum number of people. However, many winners love to protect their privacy as big a huge amount of money is involved.

Such a story is of one of the winners who won a jackpot and came to collect the prize money while wearing an emoji wink mask! It was very creative indeed of the winner to wear such a mask, which garnered a lot of laughter from the people present in the ceremony. Many of the winners and lottery experts do believe that keeping the identity anonymous or keeping the news of winning the lottery ticket a bit quiet and low profile is always better. However, many winners often wonder how to keep identity anonymous maintain anonymity. Recently, many people have come up with innovative ideas of wearing different kinds of masks in order to divert attention.

The lottery winners usually have a specified amount of time before they turn up to collect their prize money. The winner who won an emoji mask waited almost a month before she collected her prize in order to avoid making hasty decisions. The winner was indeed very smart to wear an emoji mask so that her identity could be hidden very easily. Generally, if you win a huge amount of money in lottery, you are likely to find a few relatives or friends approaching you to borrow money citing some reason or the other. Mostly, after anybody wins a lottery, many of them contact them to lend some money when they know that the winners have that big money. It can get very tricky to refuse people and you can come across as a very stingy and a greedy person who is not letting go of even a small part of your winnings. Hence, slowly balancing out money and close relations cleverly getting through all these circumstances is the trickiest part of dealing with the life-changing situations like these.

These are the main reasons why many winners keep their identity autonomous and do not share with many people about their success. Of course, some of the innovative ideas to get the right media attention without revealing your identity would be to wear a funny mask or suit, which lightens up everybody’s mood!

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