The UK Lotto is amongst the leading lottery games in the UK. The prize of the jackpot for up to five games if the jackpot is not claimed. Matching even two numbers makes you eligible for a prize.


 The draw for the UK Lotto takes place on Wednesday (₹182 million) and Saturday nights (₹346 million), every week. The players need to select six numbers between 1-59 to win the jackpot and other prizes. The lottery also includes drawing a bonus ball from the remaining 53 numbers after the player chooses six numbers.


The results are announced on the UK Lotto website as well as on online lottery websites. Check out the results to see if you are the winner of today’s jackpot.


If you are playing online, then claiming the prize is easy: 

  • Log on the site with your login ID and password
  • Check the results page to see if yours is a winning ticket
  • For smaller amounts, the money is transferred to the registered account. You can withdraw the money or use it to continue playing
  • In case of jackpot wins, the online gaming site will contact you via call or email. It may take a few days for the amount to be transferred to your bank account. 

If you are playing offline, then:

  • Go to the lottery retailer from whom you brought the ticket. Check the store’s policy to know if they give cash payouts
  • Make sure you are carrying the winning ticket
  • Sign the back of the ticket and give it to the vendor 
  • For prize money exceeding $600, you are required to the lottery headquarter or claim office to collect the cheque

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