Powerball Lottery

Powerball is an American lottery game with jackpots starting from $40 million. This game is played in 45 states of America, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S Virgin Islands. It is organized by the Multi-State Lottery Association, a non-profit organization of America. However, players across the world can participate in online lotteries offered by various gaming sites. 

Powerball lucky draws are held twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday at 10.59 p.m. Eastern time. The draws are conducted in Universal Studios, Florida. 

Powerball lottery was the first lottery in the world to use two drums to draw winning numbers. One drum is used for White Balls (Main Numbers) and the other one for the Red Balls (Power Ball), from which the lottery got its name.

The overall odds of winning a game of Powerball are 1:24.9. That means that there will be at least one winner in almost twenty-five players. 

How to Buy Powerball Lottery Tickets?

Powerball lottery tickets can be bought from authorized lottery retailers in the state. You can also buy tickets online by registering at an online casino that offers Powerball lottery. You would need to provide specific details related to your name, bank account, and email address.

Later you have to sign in and deposit an amount to be able to buy the tickets to Powerball lottery. You can buy as many tickets as you want and choose tickets with your lucky numbers. Some players also like the random numbers chosen by the computer itself. This can be activated by clicking on the ‘Quick Pick’ button while choosing the numbers.

Cost of Powerball Lottery Tickets

Cost of playing Powerball is $2 per ticket. You can play with as many tickets as you desire. Moreover, you can also opt to play an exciting feature of Powerball lottery, called ‘Power Play’. All you have to do is pay an extra dollar per ticket, and you can multiply your non-jackpot prizes by up to 10 times.  

How to Play Powerball Lottery?

Powerball is perhaps one of the most interesting lotteries of all time. There are two sets of balls. The first set, also known as main numbers, is of white balls, ranging from 1 to 69. The other set, known as Powerballs, is of red color, ranging from 1 to 26. A player has to choose five numbers from the set of white balls and one number from red balls. 

The jackpot winner is the player who matches all six numbers in his ticket with those drawn from the lottery. And, yes, multiple players can win the jackpot – in such cases, the prize money is divided equally amongst the winners. 

There is a total of nine different prizes that you can win in Powerball, including the jackpot. These prizes range from matching just the Powerball to matching all the main five numbers along with the Powerball.  All the winning tiers are explained in the table below.

S.No. Prize Category Prize Amount
1 Match Five numbers + Powerball Minimum $40 Million (Jackpot)
2 Match Five main numbers $1 Million
3 Match Four main numbers + Powerball $50,000
4 Match Four main numbers $100
5 Match Three main numbers + Powerball $100
6 Match Three main numbers $7
7 Match two main numbers + Powerball $7
8 Match one main number + Powerball $4
9 Match only Powerball $4

It is worth noting that if there is no jackpot winner, then the prize rolls over (adds) to the next jackpot, increasing the total amount of the jackpot until there is a winner. There is no restriction on the number of rollovers. 

Lottery Results and Claiming the Reward

The winners of the Powerball lottery are informed by text message or email registered with the online casino on which you played the game. The results are declared soon after the draw has taken place. You can either check out the results on our Powerball lottery results page or the official website of Powerball. 

If you win the jackpot, then there are two different payout methods, which you have to select at the time of your ticket purchase.

Annual Payments:

In this method, the winner is paid in thirty yearly graduated installments, paid over 29 years. The annual payments of Powerball are not equal but grow each year. The current market rates are used to calculate the graduated payment schedule. Generally, each annuity payment is 5% higher than the previous installment.

Cash Value Option:

In this payment option, you are paid a lump sum amount as a single payout. 

The prizes are automatically paid into the winners registered bank account via electronic transfer, subject to the verification of the details sent by you. All the winnings are immediately transferred to the winner’s online account within three to four weeks of the draw. You must sign your tickets after the purchase, as anyone who possesses an unsigned ticket may be unable to claim the prize. 

All prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the draw has taken place.


What is Power Play Multiplier?

The players of Powerball are given an option to play Power Play Multiplier. The player has to pay $1 extra to choose and play a multiplier on his ticket. Power Play multiplies the player’s non-jackpot winnings by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, while a 10x Power Play multiplier is applied for the draws where the jackpot is worth $150 million or less. 

After the main draw has taken place, the multiplier number is randomly selected from a separate pool of balls. The value of the prize you win will be multiplied by a randomly drawn Power Play multiplier. For example, if you matched four numbers with a 10x multiplier, then your winning prize will straight away increase from $100 to $1,000. 

Note that the Power Play Multiplier applies from third to ninth prize tiers only and does not apply to the jackpot prize.

Why should I take part in the Powerball lottery?

Powerball is quite famous among lottery players all over the world, as the second prize is fixed to $1 million. This is awarded to the player who has matched his five white main balls from the lucky numbers drawn. The large sum of non-jackpot amount is very rare compared to other lotteries, making Powerball a huge hit across the world.

Also, there is a guarantee that all other prize tiers apart from the jackpot are won. This means that the winners will receive the advertised amount as their winnings, no matter how many other players match the same numbers.

What is Multi-Draw in Powerball?

This feature of the Powerball lottery lets you play your same set of lucky numbers in multiple draws. You can select the number of consecutive draws you want to play in the Multi-Draw option. 

You can also choose the option of choosing to play a Powerball draw on specific dates that you deem lucky for yourself, like your birth date, anniversary date, etc.

A player gets a 20% discount if he chooses the same ticket for next ten draws.

Do the numbers on my Powerball ticket have to be in the winning sequence?

No. The order of the five main Powerball numbers doesn’t affect the winnings. The tickets are printed with white-ball numbers in the numerical order. A player has just to match all five white-ball numbers with those in their ticket. 

And if you also match the red Powerball number, you win the jackpot.

Do I have to pay any fee for collecting Powerball winnings?

No. If you buy the tickets to Powerball online, you receive 100% of the prize won.

Till when can I buy my tickets?

Generally, the sales cut-off time varies from one or two hours just before the lucky draw. The sale cut-off time is on the discretion of the local selling jurisdiction.

Can I buy Powerball tickets over the internet?

Some online casinos in India offer Powerball tickets. However, before the registering, ensure that you’ve read the terms and conditions of the casino to prevent any fraudulent activities. Moreover, it is best to read online reviews and ratings of the casino you’re choosing to associate with. This way, you can be sure whether or not to trust the casino.

How do I play Powerball from India?

You can legally play Powerball from India if you are above 18 years of age. You just have to create an account on an online casino and choose your lucky numbers. You will receive a scanned copy of your ticket with the numbers chosen on the registered email address. On the draw date, you can start playing and whether the numbers on your ticket match the winning numbers. The prizes will be directly transferred to your registered bank account. 

Do I have to pay tax in India on the winning amount?

Yes. Any winning from the lottery are taxable in India. 

Income Tax of India states that there will be a deduction of 30.9% as the Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on the winning amount. The balance prize amount after the deduction is transferred to the winner’s account.