The El Gordo lottery adds to the Christmas cheer in Spain with its extravagant wins. You can participate in this yearly game in December, and usually, the tickets are sold until 21st December before 11:45 pm.


It is one of the richest lotteries in the world – the prize money of the lottery reaches to a whopping total of ₹ 36,126,193,549,600 or €2.38 billion. The first prize of €680 million is known as El Gordo and shared among all the winners. The other four prize winners are awarded €125,000, €50,000, €20,000, and €6,000 respectively. 


The results of the annual lottery are announced on 22nd December. You can follow the result on the official website. If you are playing online, log in with your player’s account to track the announcements. 


Do remember, the Spanish Government levies a 20% tax on all winnings exceeding €10,000. 

If you are playing online, then claiming the prize is easy: 

  • Log on the site with your login ID and password
  • Check the results page to see if yours is a winning ticket
  • For smaller amounts, the money is transferred to the registered account. You can withdraw the money or use it to continue playing
  • In case of jackpot wins, the online gaming site will contact you via call or email. It may take a few days for the amount to be transferred to your bank account

If you are playing offline, then:

  • Go to the lottery retailer from whom you brought the ticket. Check the store’s policy to know if they give cash payouts
  • Make sure you are carrying the winning ticket
  • Sign the back of the ticket and give it to the vendor 
  • The prize money is directly transferred to the winner’s bank account

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