Launched in 1999, the Dubai Lottery or the Dubai Duty-Free Lottery is amongst the most famous lotteries for travelers at the Dubai International Airport. The players can buy as many tickets as they want from the Dubai lottery website as there is no cap on the number of tickets each player purchases, and every lottery ticket carries a unique identification number. 


Even though the odds of winning a prize in the Dubai lottery are 1 in 5000, a lot of people participate to earn huge rewards from the lottery. The draw of the Dubai Lottery takes place every two to three weeks, and the schedule of the draw is published on the Dubai duty-free website. The prize money of the jackpot is the US $1 million.


You can look up the results at the official website of the Dubai Lottery. If you win the jackpot, you will get a call from the lottery representative to congratulate you. Various online websites announce the result on the day of the draw.


For claiming the prize money, the winners need to submit the original ticket, proof of their banking details, and a copy of their passport. 

  • After receiving the required information, the Dubai Lottery Department provides all the investigations and verification. 
  • Once all the investigations are complete, you will receive the prize within three to four weeks. There is no tax deduction on the jackpot prize money, and the winner receives the entire amount of US $1 million. 
  • However, it is your responsibility to pay the income tax or any other tax according to the rules in his/her country. 

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