Big Ticket Results

Big Ticket is a raffle draw played in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the longest-running draws that attract the attention of thousands of tourists and residents.

The Big Ticket Raffle Draw

Draws for the Big Ticket raffle takes place on the third day of each month. Players check the results at 8:30 PM IST or 7 PM GST at the Big Ticket website.

Checking The Results

If you are unsure where to check your results and figure out if you have won the lottery, here is a quick guide at your disposal. You can verify your results at the following places:

  • Set up an alert with the official website 
  • Follow lottery websites where results are announced regularly.

What to Expect When You Win! 

If you win the lottery, you can win cash and cars!

  1. UAE residents are required to report at the Eithad Catering Office at Abu Dhabi
  2. Winners outside the UAE can request a transfer of the prize money to their bank account. You will have to provide a copy of your passport certified by the UAE Embassy of your country. You will also need to submit:-
  • a letter from the bank confirming your status as the account owner, 
  • bank details, 
  • a copy or print-out of your ticket.
  • Export of winnings, other than cash, is your responsibility.

Jackpot winners are usually contacted via email and phone calls. 

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