Indibet Reviews- A comprehensive guide

It is always exciting to see a new online casino gaming website come onto the scene, and I am all too happy that this time around it’s an Indian one! Indibet was first introduced into betting two years ago. It has been steadily climbing up those stairs towards success as they focus mainly on their customers-the gamblers from India itself who are likely going gamble more than anyone else because of its low fees. To think that limiting the online gambling market only to Indian borders would act as a disadvantage is naïve. It could lead Indibet towards unprecedented heights in this part of the world where betting and craps are growing at an unbelievable rate.

On Indibet, they have a wide range of casino games like Poker, Teen Patti, Slot Games, Roulette and more. They also offer something unlike any other online gambling website- the Exchange! I’m going to talk more about it in my review so be on the lookout for when that comes out later; trust me this is extremely interesting and lucrative at the same time too! It’s no secret that the Indian subcontinent has a long history with cricket betting. It is considered by some as close to religion, and Indibet understands what their customers want – which means they have an extra mile in this part of Asia for those who need it most! 


The Indibet website has a very basic, yet appealing layout that makes navigation easy. Icons representing various games can be found throughout the site’s casino section including roulette and baccarat tables as well as teen Patti cards! The homepage of this site has a login tab in the top right corner, and a registration page at the bottom. There are slots for playing games such as blackjack or roulette down below that you can enjoy while waiting to get sized up by someone from customer care if ever run into trouble! They also have a live casino with different types offered depending upon what kind it is popular among players today – poker would be one example among many others I could give offhand without even thinking too hard about them all just yet. 

Indibet has been designed with the Indian user in mind. The website is solely dependent on one game, which means there’s an entire section dedicated to crickets called ‘Cricketbook.’ once you are inside this page, the left corner will display some columns that correspond to live matches or those scheduled for future days- it does its homework!

Casino Section

Indian gamblers love to play slot games and that’s why the website needs more providers who can supply them with a variety of options. The 26 games are available in this section are not enough for Indian players, who want an even greater number to satisfy their cravings!

Live Casino Section

The Live Casino section is also basically the homepage of the website and Indibet has managed to feature only the best of the games that the Indians prefer when they drop by their site. Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Baccarat, Roulette, Texas Hold’em Poker, Dream Catcher, Monopoly, Sic Bo, and War of Bets, shine bright on the homepage of the website and the research is suggestive of the fact that the customers are quite happy about the outcome of the games as they tend to win a lot of money.


The exchange section of Indibet is a clever way to get you hooked on their site. On clicking the tab, users are dropped into an interactive betting experience that has more features than most gaming websites! The concept of exchange is truly unique. You will get to see odds for several live sporting events that are happening across the globe, and these aren’t offered by bookmakers since they’re generated from other customers like you! The best part? You can bet against fellow punters who have come here looking just as much fun in making some money too – so there’s no risk involved when placing your bets online. Indibet’s odds are so good, you’re likely to win at least once against every customer. This is a great feature that can propel IndiBet towards new heights in the world of gambling and sports betting!

Indibet Offers and Promotions

Indian players are always on the lookout for good deals bonus and Indibet has plenty to offer. They have large amounts, which will attract new customers if marketed well enough! Their promotions tab was at bottom of the homepage but they finally moved it up so you can spot this from a mile away right now – For Now Let’s Take A Look At The Offers:

  • Signup/Welcome Bonus 
  • Casino Happy Hour – 10% Rebate Bonus
  • First Time Deposit Bonus


You are about to start your journey on the Indibet. When you click Register in the bottom right corner, a form will appear for all of those required details, and then once completed it’s time to verify! You’ll receive an SMS code on-screen. Once entered into our system – easy as pie!

Payment and Withdrawals

You can trust Indibet to take care of your financial needs. They offer the simplest payment options for customers and this is one way they stand out from other platforms in a very competitive market! You’ll be able to deposit funds through UPI, Net Banking, Skrill, and several other options into your account with ease – so there’s no need for stress about how you want that money withdrawals will come back when it suits you best (and who doesn’t love convenience?).

How to deposit money on Indibet

Indibet is one of the most convenient sites to deposit money into your account. You can do so through a range of methods, including net banking and UPI payments as well! Newer options include Skrill or Neteller – both are partnered with them too which makes it even easier for users looking forward on funding their accounts quickly without having any hassle at all.

Customer Care Support

Indibet’s customer care service is quite innovative in more ways than one. Firstly, they offer 24*7 support like any other company – but with the innovation introduced through their modes of contact: WhatsApp and Email are available on demand to customers who need help; as well there’s a live chat option conveniently located at right bottom corner where you can type your queries anytime day or night without having wait for responses from somebody else since it’ll be answered by executives themselves!