How to Play Roulette Game Online

How to Play Roulette Game Online

Roulette is a well-known casino game all around the world. If you need to know how to play roulette, here’s a summary for you. Go to the bottom left corner and select your chip amount to play roulette. Next, place your wagers on any of the roulette board’s squares in an attempt to predict which number will be revealed after the wheel has spun. You can wager on space alone, among 2 spaces, or within the corners of four spaces for the numbers. After you’ve placed all of your wagers, click your spin button to have the ball drop into the spinning wheel. Keep a check on the puck as it drops into a slot, revealing the winning number. Winnings are distributed, loser bets are removed, and the process begins again! This is to play roulette online.

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Rules of Roulette:

A roulette wheel is a spinning disc that divides around its edge that spins around a bowl’s base. A ball is whirled around the basin until it and the wheel come to a stop, the ball landing in one of the divisions.

The divisions encircling the wheel were assigned a number to 36 and alternating red and black randomly. A green division with the number 0 is also present. There is an extra green division designated 00 on American tables only. This same American version of Roulette is less profitable than that of the European game because of this.

How to play Roulette Explained-

People take bets on the number that will show up before rolling the ball by laying chips on a gambling mat, with the exact coordinates of the chips reflecting that the bet is made. It is a French game, and the French terms here on betting areas on a typical table are still being used even in English-speaking places. However, on most tables in the United States, English words and a somewhat different form of mat are employed.

The raw French roulette, the zero, and the “double zero” were present. The single zero was red and counted as “Pair” and “Manque,” whereas the double zero was black and counted as “Impair” and “Passe.”

The bank confiscates all lost stakes if the ball lands in one of the two zero divisions, but if the bet is matched by Pair, Impair, Rouge, Noir, Passe, or Manque, the stake is imprisoned until the next spin of the wheel. The stake was either lost on the next turn or if the ball matched the bet again, the stake was simply returned to the gambler with no reward. The rules are straightforward, and once you understand how to play roulette, it becomes easier.

Roulette Variants:

Roulette has traditionally been divided into two types: European and American. An analysis of the odds will reveal the fundamental difference between the two sports. We’ll also look at another popular variety of both the game, French roulette, and other play roulette online versions like micro roulette.

List of 5 Roulette Games-

  • Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is amongst the most exciting games available at any online casino. The sport is a live version of the well-known casino classic. It has a fantastic x500 bonus mechanism, which allows you to multiply your bet by this amount. For example, if you double it, you will win a large sum of money. The game has a lot to offer, both casual and serious players. Lightning Roulette web could be your best bet if you’re looking for one of the most inventive variations of this game.

  • Roulette on autopilot

The game has a faster tempo of play, and you can enjoy it from a live studio without meeting a live dealer. This is the optimal setting for getting the most out of the game for some players. As a result, Indian online casinos will make sure to offer this and other versions. 

  • Roulette in a flash

As you might expect, the game’s purpose is to win, although the gameplay will feel a little different at first. But, don’t worry; getting started at an online casino is simple. We’ll help you peel back the layers of this beautiful game, which was first released at ICE 2020, to present players with a unique experience that few other games can match.

  • Double Ball Roulette 

The more balls you have, the more fun you’ll have! Another live evolution game that will make your experience a lot of fun is Double Ball Roulette. Players who wish to try a different tempo of play and enjoy a game with a few twists will be able to do so. Understanding how the inside and outside bets interact is maybe the most crucial aspect of this game.

  • Roulette for Advanced Players

Advanced Roulette is an intriguing variation of the popular casino classic, and its rules are highly similar to those of the original European game, as you might expect. Therefore, you need to be clear about some roulette characteristics, making this version so popular at Indian online casinos. While you play roulette online, this variation is a must-try.

Roulette strategies and tips for how to play roulette and win:

The Martingale System-

Every time any player loses under the Martingale method, they double their bet. The premise is that when players win, they will recoup all of their past losses and a modest profit. Only bet on even number wagers like red/black, odd/even, or 0-18/19-36 while using this technique.

The D’Alembert System-

Even money bets, like 1-18/19-36, red/black, or odd/even, are the emphasis of the D’Alembert approach. One coin is allotted to the player’s stake for every loss. The entire bet amount is lowered by one coin for each win. D’Alembert is a roulette strategy based on the progression theory; however, it is not as aggressive as the Martingale.

The Fibonacci system-

Compared to other progressive approaches like the Martingale, the Fibonacci strategy is one of the cleanest Roulette tactics. Even though it is relatively risk-free, the Fibonacci sequence can offer you some gains. This technique is based on the well-known Fibonacci numbers, a sequence in which the following number matches the sum of the two preceding ones.

Labouchère system-

Following a losing bet, the Labouchère system raises a player’s stake. The player decides the amount of money they would like to win and divides it into a succession of smaller figures that add up to that amount. The player adds the digits at the far left and very far right of the sequence to determine the first stake. If the bet succeeds, the numbers on the far left and right are crossed out, and the next bet is placed using the following two digits on the far left and right. The bet value is charged to the sequence’s far-right side of the wager loses.

Andrucci system-

The Andrucci approach is based on the idea that the wheel should cover each number over time. So, begin by writing down the number that occurs in a 30-35 spin cycle. Then, for another 15-25 spins, or till you win, choose a number that you think the ball will land on. The Andrucci system is based on physics concepts and is influenced by Chaos Theory.

This is all the information you need to know regarding how to play roulette. Hope this guide helps you to play roulette online and win.