The Sikkim State Lotteries, run by the Government of Sikkim, are the biggest and the most famous in the whole country. The schemes of the lottery keep changing as per the notice of the Government of the state of Sikkim. 


The Sikkim State Lottery Department offers Dear Morning draw every day as well as various other bumper lotteries. The Sikkim State Lottery Department conducts six bumper draws, namely:

  • Dear New Year Bumper
  • Sankranti Bumper
  • Saraswati Bumper
  • Shri Holi Bumper
  • Baisakhi Bumper
  • Diwali Puja Bumper

Purchase a ticket and get a chance to change your life by winning the lottery.


The Dear Morning Lottery Scheme of the Government of Sikkim allows the Indian lottery players to win prize money of Rs. 25 Lacs on each day of the week. The tickets of the Dear Morning Lottery Scheme are numbered 68 to 99/ABCDEGHJKL 00 000 to 99 999. The draw for the lottery takes place at 11:55 AM, and you can check our website for all the result updates.


For prizes above Rs. 10,000, you must take a claim form from the Sikkim State Lottery. 

  • If you are the prize winner, you need to make sure that you sign the back of your winning ticket
  • Remember to include your address so that if the ticket gets lost, no one else can use it to claim a prize in your name.
  • The prize money is given only after the verification is complete and the authenticity of the ticket owner is established.

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