The Sikkim Government conducts Sikkim’s ‘Dear Holi Bumper’ lottery which takes place every year on the auspicious occasion of the colorful festival, Holi. 

The face value of the lottery ticket is ₹ 500. The cash prize for the lottery is ₹ 3 Crores, ₹ 50 lacs, ₹ 20 lacs, ₹ 5000, ₹ 4000, ₹ 3000, ₹ 2000, ₹ 1,000 respectively, for the first eight prizes. Lottery players with tickets matching the serial number are eligible to claim the prize of the lottery. The draw of the ‘Dear Holi Bumper’ lottery is announced at 4:30 PM onwards on the Lottery Department’s website.


The excitement of the participants of the ‘Dear Holi Bumper’ lottery is worth it after all the waiting. The names of people for whom the festivals of colors will be even more colorful after winning the bumper lottery are mentioned in the list. 


If you have won less than ₹10,000, then the prizes can be collected directly from your lottery vendor. If you are amongst the winners and have won an amount more than ₹ 10,000, then you must collect the Claim Form from the Sikkim State Lottery

  • You need to sign the back of your winning ticket and include your address on it after filling the Claim Form. Make sure that you complete all the formalities within 30 days of the announcement of the results. 
  • Be careful while filling everything in the form accurately as wrong information will make you ineligible for the prize. 
  • Once all your formalities and verification are completed, you will receive your prize.

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