The Directorate of Nagaland State Lotteries organizes the ‘Dear Evening’ Lottery. The lottery is held on every day of the week from 8PM onwards. 

The cost of the ‘Dear Evening’ lottery ticket is a mere ₹ 6, and the winner of the first prize gets to win ₹ 26 lakhs. The next four prizes are of ₹ 9000, ₹500, ₹250, and ₹120, respectively. A lucky winner also gets a consolation prize worth ₹ 9500. Being a regular lottery, the majority of the residents take part in this lottery. 


The daily lottery results are announced on the website as well as the Government Gazette. Here are the names of the Dear Evening Lotteries for which the results are published on each day of the week.

  • Monday – Dear Flamingo Evening
  • Tuesday – Dear Parrot Evening
  • Wednesday – Dear Eagle Evening
  • Thursday – Dear Falcon Evening
  • Friday – Dear Vulture Evening
  • Saturday – Dear Ostrich Evening
  • Sunday – Dear Hawk Evening


Here are the two processes to claim the prizes. 

If your winning amount is up to ₹10,000, then you must visit the lottery dealer and claim the winning amount. 

The first step on winning more than ₹10,000, is to get the claim form. You must fill and submit it within 30 days of the announcement of the result.

  • You can either collect the form offline or download it online from the website –
  • Fill the form clearly, correctly, and accurately. Make sure all the required fields are filled.
  • Submit the form with two passport-sized photographs, the self-attested winning ticket, along with a government-recognized photo ID. This is important for verification of details and your credentials.

If the details are incomplete or the affidavit or tickets are damaged, your claim to the win becomes invalid.  

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