Diwali is just about celebrating, and the Goa State Lottery makes the festival of lights even brighter with its Rajshree Diwali Bumper Lottery. You need to purchase a ticket of the Rajshree Diwali Bumper Lottery if you want to get lucky on this auspicious day.

The draw for the Rajshree Diwali Bumper Lottery happens at 5 PM on the day of Diwali. The first prize of the lottery is Rs. 5,00,00,000. The Goa State Lottery Department publishes the results of the Rajshree Diwali Bumper Lottery on its website as well as the local newspapers. If you are very eager to check the results of the bumper lottery, then you should visit our website at 5 PM for checking the accurate results of the lottery.


After purchasing the lottery, the names of the ones who got lucky by winning it, are mentioned on the Lottery Department’s website. 


After winning the bumper lottery, you need to collect the Claim Form from the Goa State Lottery Department.

  • After filling all your details in the form, you need to write your name on both sides of the ticket and deposit it to the Goa Government directly through Registered Post.
  • You need to complete the whole Claim Form and write the same name on the Claim Form as well as the winning ticket to be eligible for receiving the prize.
  • You are eligible to receive the prize after the physical verification of your documents, along with the identity proof and the ticket is complete and in accordance to the rules of the lottery.

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