The Lucky Four Lottery or the Goa Rajshree Lottery and is by far the biggest in India. Several players across the state of Goa participate in the lottery and win large amounts of money. 

The draw for the Goa State Lottery is held fourteen times in a day with intervals of 15 minutes. The first draw is held at 6:30 PM, the second draw is held at 6:45 PM, the third draw is held at 7 PM, and this goes on till 9:30 PM. The last draw of the day is held at 9:40 PM. 


You only win if you take risks! The Lucky Four Lottery under the Goa State Lottery will change the lives of people by making them lucky. The results of all these draws are published on the official website of the Goa State Lottery and other newspapers, etc. If you want instant updates about the results, you can set up alerts with lottery web pages. 


The steps to claim your prize require you to collect the Claim Form from the Goa State Lottery Department. 

  • Fill up the form with the correct details
  • After you complete filling up the form, you need to write your name on both sides of the ticket so that no one can use it in your place. 
  • You also need to make sure that you complete the whole form and use the same name on the winning ticket as well as the Claim Form to receive the prize money. 
  • Deposit it to the Goa Government Directly By Registered Post. 
  • Once the complete Physical Verification of your documents, identity proof, and the ticket is over, you will receive your prize.

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