The Rajshree Lotteries were started by the State Government to create an income source for people of the state. Today, the lotteries attract thousands of players who buy tickets with the hope to win money and change their lives. 

The draw for the Rajshree Magic Lotto Som is held at 9:45 PM and its prize money is Rs. 50,00,000. 


Buying and winning the lottery brings in a lot of excitement. Until you do not buy the ticket, you will not know if things are going your way. The Goa State Lottery Department publishes the results of the Rajshree Magic Lotto Som on its website as well as the local newspapers. If you want instant updates, then you can check our page for the accurate results of the lottery. 


If you have won any of the lottery prizes, then the first step you need to take is to get the Claim Form from the Goa State Lottery Department. 

  • Fill in the form correctly and with all the details.
  • After you fill all the credentials, you are required to write your name on both sides of the ticket and deposit it to the Goa Government Directly by Registered Post. 
  • Completing all the required sections in the Claim Form and using the same name on your Claim Form and the winning ticket is a must for receiving the prize. 
  • The Lottery Department will verify your documents, identity proof, and the ticket. Once they are satisfied of its authenticity, you will get the prize money. 

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