Bono Lotto

Bono Lotto – How to Play & Win

Bono Lotto is one of the famous international lotteries introduced to the world by Spanish Lotto. The specialty of this lottery system is that it has great winning odds and the best part is that it takes place six times each week. Yes, you read that right! It also has great winning odds of 1 out of 57 players having sure chances of winning. Many experienced lottery players always recommend Bono Lotto; few also claim that it is their favorite.

Read further to know more about the famous Bono Lotto.

How to Play Bono Lotto?

No matter which state you belong to, you can play Bono Lotto on the online website where a number of international lotteries are introduced to India. After registration, the player has to select six numbers below 50. The player can also let the computer select these numbers on a random basis. You have to choose a minimum of two lines up to a maximum of 30 lines on your ticket in this game. Remember to choose your draw day and week. After verifying, you can hit submit.

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Bono Lotto Rules

The only rule is that the player should be an adult – above eighteen years of age.

Playing the Lottery

In the cases of Primitiva, the players can play both single and multiple bets. As a maximum, a multiple-bet of 11 numbers is equal to 462 Bono Lotto bets. The draw is made using two drums – one containing 49 respectively numbered balls and the other containing balls numbered from 0 to 9. From the first drum, six jackpot digits are extracted and from the second one digit is picked as “refund”. There is an extra number extracted from the first drum called the seventh digit or complementary number, which can be availed as a second category or a special prize.

Bono Lotto Prizes

Since the results are announced every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the week, there are a lot of winners! Division One with a clean six digits’ match gets an amount of INR 3 crore; division two with five matching numbers and one bonus gets INR 62 lakh; division three with five regular numbers gets INR 78,000; division four with four regular digits’ match gets almost INR 2500 and division five with three regular numbers get INR 310. There are many winners each day as the probability for any player to win is 1 in 57. There is also an assurance to the players that they will surely win back much more than the amount they spent on the lottery tickets.


If you wish to have some extra cash because you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on luxuries you always wanted, the lucky time is now!