Amiya Kumar Mallick

Amiya Kumar Mallick: The Fastest Indian Man

If someone asks, who is your favorite Indian athlete? Most people would pick Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, or Sunil Chhetri. But first, let us learn about a lesser-known Indian athlete who has proudly carried the Indian banner thanks to his incredible talent and hard work. His name is Amiya Kumar Mallick.

Early age

Amiya Kumar Mallick is a well-known Indian athlete who was born in Olansh, Cuttack district, Orissa, on November 14th, 1992. Mallick was pursuing an MBA at KIIT University in Bhubaneswar in 2016.

Date of BirthNovember 14th, 1992
Age28 years old
Birth PlaceCuttack district, Odisha, India

Amiya Kumar Mallick’s Career 

Mallick finished second in the Junior Asian Meet in Colombo, 2006, and third at the Commonwealth Youth Games, 2008 in the 200 meters, recording 21.33 seconds. He had a left quadriceps injury in October 2011, which caused him to be bedridden for six months and forced him to walk with crutches. He resumed sprinting in December 2012, despite physicians’ warnings that he would not be able to equal his prior times.

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Mallick rose to popularity in 2013 when he won the National Open Athletics Championships in Ranchi in a time of 21.22 seconds. He trained for four months at the Racers Track Club in Kingston in 2014 under Glen Mills, who also coached legends like Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake. His father, the state association, and several sponsors contributed to the training, which helped him improve his running technique.

Mallick ran 10.26 seconds in the semifinals of the National Federation Cup in New Delhi on April 28th, 2016, to set the national 100 meters record. He broke Anil Kumar Prakash’s (2005) and Abdul Najeeb Qureshi’s previous national record of 10.30 seconds (2010). Mallick developed a hamstring strain during the semifinal after clocking 10.35 seconds in the heats of the same event. With his thigh severely wrapped, he finished fourth in the final with a time of 10.51.

Mallick was disqualified from the 100 meters semifinals at the 2017 Asian Athletics Championships in Bhubaneswar due to a false start. He was also a member of the four-person 100-meter relay team that was disqualified in the heats owing to a baton exchange infraction with himself. He advanced to the final of the 200-meter dash, where he finished in 21.03 seconds, a personal best.

Medals and achievements

Mallick has been the subject of a lot of coverage in Indian sports media. The following are some of the most significant ones to be aware of:

  • He is recognized as India’s quickest guy. He grew up in Cuttak, Orrisa, in a middle-class household.
  • In 2006, he won a silver medal during the 100m sprint at the Junior Asian meet in Colombo, Sri Lanka, at the age of 14.
  • He earned his first gold medal in the 200m sprint during the Commonwealth Youth Games in Pune, India when he was 16 years old.
  • In 2013, his perseverance paid off. In the National Open Athletics Championships in Ranchi, he made a return by winning a gold medal in the 200m event in 21.22 seconds.
  • On April 18th, 2016, while competing in the National Federation Cup, he set a national record in the 100m with a time of 10.26 seconds (He still holds the current national record).
  • He won another Gold Medal in the 59th Olympiad in 2019.
  • At the National Inter-State Athletics Meet in Patiala 2021, Punjab, he won bronze in the Men’s 100m. 

Social Media Influence

Amiya Kumar Mallick is an influential social media personality. Amiya Kumar fits the bill as a celebrity influencer well. Due to his big social media fan base, he routinely shares countless personal photographs and videos to engage with his large fan following on social media platforms. He connects with his audience on a personal level and engages them in dialogue. You may get information about his social media profiles by searching for him on social media.

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Personal Top 10 of All Time

100 Metres28 APR 2016New Delhi Federation Cup, New Delhi110.26
100 Metres24 APR 2016Indian Grand Prix 1, New Delhi110.10
100 Metres28 APR 2016New Delhi Federation Cup, New Delhi110.35
200 Metres09 JUL 2017Bhubaneshwar Asian Championships, Bhubaneshwar721.03
100 Metres11 OCT 2019Indian Open Championship, Ranchi110.46
200 Metres09 JUL 2017Bhubaneshwar Asian Championships, Bhubaneshwar521.12
100 Metres04 JUL 2016Almaty Kazakh Championship, AlmatyNA10.48
100 Metres06 JUL 2017Bhubaneshwar Asian Championships, Bhubaneshwar310.48
100 Metres10 JUL 2016Indian Grand Prix 3, Bengaluru310.49
100 Metres26 JUN 2021National Inter-State Senior Athletics Championship, Patiala310.49


Amiya Kumar Mallick has left an indelible mark on history. No other Indian has yet been born to break his records or reach his heights at such a young age. It is no wonder that is he is known as India’s fastest man.